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Survey: Asian-Amercians face multi-level discrimination

04. December 2023

Besides racial discrimination, Asians in the US are also stereotyped as a 'model minority' setting them apart from others Les mer >>>

Thailand censured for deporting Myanmar refugees

01. December 2023

Around 45,000 additional refugees fled to Thailand from Myanmar after the February 2021 coup Les mer >>>

A place where environmental defenders can 'slow down and relax'

30. November 2023

The EarthRights School began in 1999, initially focusing on activists from Myanmar before expanding to other Mekong countries Les mer >>>

Arrest of Vietnamese refugees in Thailand sparks uproar

28. November 2023

At least 2,000 ethnic Montagnard people are living in Thailand after fleeing persecution at home Les mer >>>

Thailand begins crackdown on illegal begging mafia

22. November 2023

Police arrest six people begging on streets believed to be victims of a human trafficking ring Les mer >>>

Buddhist-Christian dialogue calls for shared action

18. November 2023

The Seventh Buddhist-Christian Colloquium took place in Bangkok from 13-16 November 2023 Les mer >>>

Thailand interfaith summit urges dialogue for development

15. November 2023

Religious leaders can become 'catalysts for change' by transcending religious and cultural boundaries, says Cardinal Guixot Les mer >>>