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Thai PM dissolves parliament, calls election

20. March 2023

Thailand has seen more than a dozen coups since the birth of democracy in 1932 Les mer >>>

Asian churches urged to address ‘emerging realties in societies’

17. March 2023

'Bangkok Document' is a fruit of deliberations, discussions among Church leaders, delegates from across the continent Les mer >>>

Ecclesial assembly showed great promise for Asian churches

01. March 2023

More lay representation would have been ideal but in this period of transition, even the limited participation was a blessing Les mer >>>

Indian state-owned firm sold gun barrels to Myanmar

01. March 2023

The barrels were likely used to make artillery for the military as it struggles to crush resistance, Justice for Myanmar said Les mer >>>

Asian leaders end synod preparations discussing ‘gaps’

27. February 2023

Asian bishops' chief urges Church leaders to let go of what prevents them from building a participatory church Les mer >>>

Cardinal Grech urges Asian bishops to be ‘good listeners’

25. February 2023

Secretary general of the Secretariat of the Synod urges prelates to be more attentive to those that agitate, or ‘do not speak’ Les mer >>>

Asian bishops gather in Bangkok for continental-level synod

24. February 2023

‘The Church has to be at the center of producing hope,’ says Archbishop Kikuchi, secretary general of the FABC Les mer >>>