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  • Hua Hin: Business leader expects 100,000 foreign tourists in Q4 - they'll spend big 1.2 billion baht


    Picture: Thai Rath


    Rot Rojanasathian, the chief of the Thai chamber of commerce and spa association was bigging up the "Hua Hin Recharge" post pandemic recovery operation yesterday.


    Among comments about improvements for the elderly population and those with pre-existing conditions to more easily access vaccinations he was also buoyant about the potential for foreign tourism.


    Herd immunity - with Hua Hin favored in the vaccine rollout after being named as one of the places for maximum vaccine rollout - would be achieved and the tourists will come, was his message. 


    He anticipated that in the fourth quarter from October 1st to the end of the year there will be 100,000 foreign tourists coming to Hua Hin, reported Thai Rath


    And they are big spenders, he claimed. They will add 1.2 billion baht to the local economy. 


    The plan is to fly them into Suvarnabhumi airport in Bangkok then bus them directly from there to Hua Hin without dropping in anywhere else. 


    There will also be private flights by three companies into Hua Hin airport after transport minister Saksayam Chidchob agreed to certain deregulations.


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    15 May 15 2021
  • Vaccination centres to be set up in Hua Hin, expats WILL receive vaccine


    File photo


    Expats in Hua Hin will be included in Prachuap Khiri Khan’s provincial vaccination drive, health officials have confirmed. 


    However, as with much of the rest of the country, exactly when Hua Hin expats will get the jab isn’t yet known, Hua Hin Today reported.


    On Friday, the location of several vaccination centres was also confirmed by provincial health officials. 


    A total of seven centres will be set up at:


    • Hua Hin Hospital (x2 centres)

    • Hua Hin Hospital 3, Nong Kae sub-district.

    • Hua Hin Hospital 4, off Soi 51

    • Hua Hin Hospital 5, Tub South, Hua Hin District.

    • Market Village shopping mall

    • Blu Port Hua Hin


    These centres will first be used to vaccinate Thai people aged over 60, as well as sufferers of chronic health conditions. Vaccines will be given between June 7-11 from 9am to 4pm.


    Locals are urged to use the Mor Prom registration platform so the vaccine can be more easily administered, health officials said. 


    Officials in Prachuap Khiri Khan province, which includes Hua Hin, aim to vaccinate 385,000 people before October 1.


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    15 May 15 2021
  • Hua Hin: Tourist town devastated by Covid outbreaks - on a par with Samut Sakhon


    Picture: Manager


    A tourism businessman in Hua Hin has likened the resort to Samut Sakhon such has been the devastation caused to the tourism industry by clusters of infections from pubs and now a pineapple factory. 


    Samut Sakhon became synonymous with the virus after the second wave of Covid emanated from a shrimp market there.


    Udomsuk Nimchian - the owner of Kanta Resort and former head of the Prachuap Khiri Khan tourism business association - told Manager that the only difference was the size of the pineapple factory compared to the market.


    The effect on tourism had been identical and now Hua Hin is known as a place for Covid.



    Picture: Manager


    Some 400 people - mostly workers from Myanmar are in quarantine and last month hundreds of infections in Hua Hin were caused after outbreaks connected to  entertainment venues. 


    This had hit tourism in a big way, said Udomsuk, who spoke of 90% cancellations at his place and others in the downtown area. 


    Particularly badly hit were hotels, shops, water parks, golf courses, a zoo and many tourism businesses in the Hin Lek Fai area where the Quality Pineapple Products factory is located. 



    Picture: Manager


    Udomsuk said that potential tourists who phone inquired about what places were open in the town, could they swim in the sea, go on the beach, use the hotel pool. It was all Covid related and most decided not to come. 


    Meanwhile in the area of the factory Manager found the people in effective lockdown - scared to go out for fear of getting infected. 


    Other traders at an elephant facility and shops had similar tales of doom and gloom. 


    No one thought that there would be any improvement this month or in June.


    The only hope was if there were no new infections in June and July then Hua Hin might possibly recover after that. 



    11 May 11 2021
  • Officials linked to 10 year people trafficking operation in Prachuap Khiri Khan


    Picture: Naew Na


    Naew Na reported that 50 illegal Myanmar workers - 31 men and 19 women - had been stopped by a large task force and local officials after crossing a natural border several kilometers from the Sinkhorn border post in Prachuap Khiri Khan. 


    The group were set to be housed in a holding area for 14 day quarantine though none had high risk of Covid.


    They will then be handed over to the police for prosecution. 


    They had all trekked for two days and two nights over mountains and were due to go to a canning factory in Samut Sakhon as well as Hua Hin, Surat Thani, Bangkok and Krabi. 


    Sources close to media Naew Na said that this group of people were "ordered" via a petrol station owner in Samut Sakhon who is an agent for migrant worker smuggling known by the nickname "Mimingae".


    This individual has been in cahoots with a former high ranking official in Prachuap Khirikhan and other bent local officials who provide fraudulent paperwork for migrants who have sneaked across the border.


    They have avoided sanction for ten years due to high level contacts.


    But their operation is of considerable risk. The source suggested that the cases represent human trafficking that means long jail terms IF they can be prosecuted. 


    Workers pay off fees to agents for getting them jobs by paying back 50 baht a day to employers who employ the agents. 


    Hundreds more are reportedly waiting to cross into Thailand at similar spots to yesterday's bust. 


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    14 May 14 2021
  • Hua Hin: Air Asia flights cancelled until mid May


    Picture: Prachap Post


    News organisation Prachuap Post said on Facebook that a senior executive at Hua Hin airport had tested positive for Covid-19.


    Case #983 in the province is a state employee aged 59. He is currently in Hua Hin hospital with mild symptoms after testing positive on Friday. 


    High risk contacts have been ordered to be quarantined. 


    Reporters found the airport deserted yesterday except for security and some office staff on the second floor. 


    Health officials were spraying disinfectant. 


    All Air Asia flights to and from Chiang Mai and Udon Thani have been cancelled until mid May.


    They would normally fly Fridays and Sundays. 


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    27 April 27 2021
  • Hua Hin: Outbreak at pineapple factory - quarantined people moved from luxury downtown hotel to university


    Picture: Ban Muang


    Ban Muang reported that the Covid-19 cluster and outbreak at the Quality Pineapple Products factory on the Hua Hin bypass now had 200 cases. 


    In total there are 402 being quarantined and treated in the factory from 7th to 20th of this month. 


    A restaurant area has been converted into a field hospital.


    There are 5-10 new cases of Covid per day emerging at the factory.



    Picture: Ban Muang


    The media reported that 100 of the Myanmar workers quarantined could not be housed at the factory due to lack of space and they were put in a luxury hotel in the downtown area of Hua Hin.


    They have since been moved to the Rajamangala University of Technology in the area of Klai Kangwon. They were not infected with Covid.


    It remains to be seen if regulations were broken in this matter , said the media, who indicated there had been considerable consternation when the news broke that quarantined people from Myanmar were being housed offsite of the factory in the town.


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    13 May 13 2021
  • Hua Hin: Praise for rescue foundation who take bedridden old lady to get benefits at the bank!


    Picture: Sanook


    A daughter was full of praise for the Sawang Hua Hin Thamma Sathan rescue foundation who responded with help to get her bedridden mother to the bank, reported Sanook.


    Luankiaw Chimpalee, 70, has been bedridden with thrombosis for years. She applied for government benefits for the handicapped in the sum of 7,000 baht but could not get to the Krung Thai bank to confirm matters.


    Normally the bank have an outreach service but this was suspended due to the Covid-19 situation in Hua Hin.


    So daughter Supranee, 36, appealed to the rescue foundation saying the family who are very poor and live in the Phrommit Pattana community in the downtown area have no vehicle.


    So deputy chief Rawiroj Thaemmee took pity and came through with an ambulance to take Luankiaw to the bank to complete the paperwork and get her much needed money. 


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    13 May 13 2021
  • Prachuap: Double tragedy as two sisters drown in the sea - brother could swim and saved himself


    Picture: Siam Rath


    Tragedy has struck a family in the Saphan Pla area of Huay Yang in Thap Sakae district of Prachuap Khiri Khan. 


    On Saturday a 13 year old girl, a student at Huay Yang Withaya, got swept out to sea by waves along with her 11 year old brother and nine year old sister.


    The boy called Waithayuth managed to swim to safety and then alerted traders on the shore prompting a large search operation.


    Many local organisations including the water police and rangers took part but at 8.30 pm the eldest girl was found dead floating off the area of Wat Samuttharam temple.


    The search had to be called off overnight. Around midday on Sunday the nine year old was found floating two nautical miles off the shore by a fishing trawler. 


    The mother of the children Sasina Singkhun was joined by relatives in a scene of utter grief and despair on the beach, reported Siam Rath


    Now the family has the bodies of the two young girls ahead of their funeral.


    The boy told the media that they had been swimming every day since Songkran when they came to stay with their mother in the area but that a riptide carried them out.


    He was the only one who was able to swim, he said. 


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    10 May 10 2021
  • Hua Hin: 1,000 vaccine doses sourced as pineapple factory cluster remains of high concern


    Picture; Manager


    Covid-19 authorities in Hua Hin have applied for 1,000 doses of Covid-19 vaccinations for people in the area of a cluster of infections at a pineapple factory.


    Manager reported that 115 positive cases have been reported at the Quality Pineapple Products factory on the bypass between Cha-Am and Pranburi. 


    They are workers from Myanmar.


    A further 16 have symptoms and have been tested.


    A total of 402 workers are being quarantined at the factory until May 20th. 



    Picture; Manager


    The infected workers have not travelled far from the factory so their timelines are all local.


    But Dr Suriya Khuharat of the Prachuap Khiri Khan department of public health said that the situation remains a concern. 


    Hence the vaccination request to allay fears among the populations in the villages next to the factory.


    He said that there were no illegal workers at the factory but there had been considerable difficulties in getting timeline information from the workers due to the language barrier necessitating the work of interpreters.


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    10 May 10 2021
  • Hua Hin: Cluster at pineapple factory now 100+ - it came from engineer who kept quiet about visiting pub


    Picture: Daily News


    Daily News reported that 112 Myanmar migrant workers had now tested positive for Covid-19 at the Quality Pineapple factory in Ban Nok Noi on the Hua Hin Bypass. 


    This is out of 257 tested.


    Spraying of disinfectant was taking place in the factory, workers' rooms in the factory and even rented rooms in houses outside the factory.


    The factory is sealed off with a close watch on comings and goings.


    Locals have called for production to stop; deliveries of pineapple for canning are made from the north and eastern seaboard.


    A field hospital with 250 beds has been set up within the factory to house those with no symptoms or mild symptoms. Those with severe and medium symptoms have been taken to hospital. 


    The source of the outbreak is an engineer who did not give information and his timeline after a visit to the Thong Suk pub at the start of April.


    He infected a 4 year old child in a rented room within the factory and it spread from there.


    Deputy governors of Prachuap Khiri Khan Phromphriya Kijanuson and Chamaiporn Amphaijit held a video conference meeting yesterday to discuss the outbreak.


    Daily News reported 27 new Covid cases in the province meaning that 1,167 had been infected there since the start of April.


    Of these 881 had recovered, 282 were being treated with 11 serious and 19 medium. 


    There have been four deaths from the virus. 


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    8 May 08 2021