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  • Immigration's BMW "Smart Cars" the latest tool to rid Thailand of illegal foreigners

    Immigration's BMW "Smart Cars" the latest tool to rid Thailand of illegal foreigners



    Image: Naew Na


    Naew Na published two reports - one from Pattaya and one from Nonthaburi - in which immigration's much heralded Smart Cars (BMWs) were used  to arrest illegal foreigners. 


    In the first story Pol Col Naren Khreuangsanuk sent in his officers to the Moo 10, Nong Prue area of Pattaya yesterday where they saw a foreigner acting suspiciously.


    They named him as Al Cha Beebee S. Nasser Calfan Hamed. 


    When they had successfully keyed his name into the machine in the BMW it was determined that he was on overstay of seven days. 


    Job done, the Omani was handed over to the local police for processing.


    Meanwhile, in Nonthaburi north west of Bangkok, the chief of immigration Pol Col Thanongsak Jailuang had received information on Thursday about illegal goings on at an Indian restaurant in Soi Samakhee 29. 


    The BMW was rolled out and sent to the restaurant on Friday where Somen Mondal, 22, was found on overstay of 806 days and Giresh, 32, had outstayed his welcome by 152 days. 


    They didn't have work permits either and were charged with working illegally or doing work outside the remit to which they would be allowed to work.


    They were handed over to the Pak Kret police. 


    Both stories featured identical paragraphs in which the two chiefs were quoted as "revealing" that they were acting on the orders of immigration chief Lt-Gen Sompong Chingduang to clean up Thailand from the activities of illegal foreigners. 


    Both stories similarly advised the public to call 1178 if they had anything or anyone to report.


    Sources: Naew Na and Naew Na



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    18 January 2020
  • Dissolution of Future Forward 'will bring clash of generations'

    Dissolution of Future Forward 'will bring clash of generations'





    Future Forward Party (FWP) secretary-general Piyabutr Saengkanokkul has warned of a clash of generations if the party were to be dissolved.


    In a message and a video clip on his Facebook page on Friday (January 17), he highlighted the party’s strategy with the Constitutional Court set to pronounce its verdict on January 21 in a case filed by a lawyer, Nuttaporn Toprayoon.


    Nuttaporn on June 18, 2019 accused FWP leader Thanathorn Juangroongruangkit, party secretary-general Piyabutr Saengkanokkul and four FWP board members of attempting to overthrow the democratic regime with the King as the head of state.


    Piyabutr said that if his party were to be dissolved, he and Thanathorn would continue working in the political field but he warned of three harmful after-effects:


    1 Dissolving Future Forward would destroy Thai people’s hopes of seeing a better political system.


    2 A clash of generations in Thai society will be heightened.


    3 Most importantly, this will be another example of the royal institution being used to eliminate political opponents, which could drive more people to be on the opposite side of royal supporters.


    Piyabutr invited his supporters to a seminar named “Future is Now” on Saturday (January 18) at SC3 Building, Thammasat University (Rangsit Campus).





    -- © Copyright The Nation Thailand 2020-01-17
    17 January 2020
  • Video: Car doors (and the people who open them)....enemy of motorcyclists claims another victim

    Video: Car doors (and the people who open them)....enemy of motorcyclists claims another victim



    Image: Thai Rath


    A 31 year old Thai woman motorcyclist was taken to hospital after a driver getting his laundry opened his pick-up door right into her path. 


    She was involved in a collision with the door then was then run over by a Honda Civic coming up behind. 


    Warning: Graphic Footage



    Waraporn was taken to Ban Beung hospital after the accident on the Ban Beung to Nong Bon Daeng Road in Chonburi yesterday evening. 


    Police examined dash cam footage from the Civic to determine what happened.


    Source: Thai Rath



    -- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2020-01-18



    18 January 2020
  • TAT boost Thai tourism profile in Central and Eastern European countries

    TAT boost Thai tourism profile in Central and Eastern European countries



    Thai umbrella painting


    Czech Republic, 16 January 2020 – The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) has stepped up its marketing in the Central and Eastern European countries with a Partner-Country sponsorship presence at the GO and Regiontour 2020: featuring the 5 Continents Festival in Brno city, the Czech Republic.


    Held between 16-19 January, 2020, at the Brno Exhibition Centre, the combined show is the largest travel and tourism event with emphasis on regionsin Central and Eastern Europe. The Regiontour is a key project to support domestic and incoming tourism in the Czech Republic. Its participants include crucial entities and decision-makers in tourism of the Czech Republic and its regions. The GO Fairfocuses on outbound tourism. In addition to domestic travel agencies, providers of tourism services in popular foreign destinations and foreign tourist centres take part. This event attracting more than 30,000 visitors is organised by BVV Trade Fairs Brno. 


    The Thai pavilion is featuring demonstrations of Thai umbrella painting, Thai spa and massage, Thai cooking class, Thai boxing and Thai folk dance. The exhibitor line-up includes Thai Airways International, Globair, YachtNet, Yaro Golf, Eso Travel, Siam travel, Time Travel and Marco Polo.



    Thai spa and massage

    Mr. Tanes Petsuwan, Deputy Governor for Marketing and Communications, TAT said,   The Thailand pavilion will showcase to our visitors the differences and varieties of “Amazing Thailand” that can be found everywhere in the Kingdom. We hope that visitors to our pavilion and their friends will be encouraged to visit Thailand and enjoy our Kingdom as an ideal location not just for sightseeing and leisure, but also as a true holiday destination.”



    Mr. Tanes Petsuwan, TAT Deputy Governor for Marketing and Communications

    Since TAT selected Prague as the site of first TAT office to cover the Central and Eastern Europe market in 2016, visitors from this region have grown from over 379,000 to more than 487,000 at an annual average growth rate of 8 percent. Visitors from the Czech Republic alone grew from about 43,000 in 2016 to more than 55,000 in 2018.


    The growing sophistication of the Central and Eastern European traveller has given great opportunity to promote Thailand’s diverse range of tourism products to first-time visitors, honeymooners, golfers, yachting holidaymakers, as well as leisure and beach lovers.


    On 14 January in Prague, TAT also set up a networking function to update the Thai tourism products and situation to the local media and travel agents. As part of the policy to promote emerging destinations, TAT has also introduced Satun, Trang and Trat to this market as well as the well-known Michelin Guides to highly-rated restaurants and street-food vendors in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Phuket and Phang Nga.




    TAT News: 2020-01-18

    18 January 2020
  • Satellite counts 126 fire hotspots nationwide – 957 in Cambodia

    Satellite counts 126 fire hotspots nationwide – 957 in Cambodia

    By The Nation




    The Geo-Informatics and Space Technology Development Agency has reported 126 hotspots across Thailand where fires are burning out of control and likely contributing to haze pollution.


    It said on Friday (January 17) its MODIS satellite had picked up 59 hotspots on private farmland, 26 on properties under the Agricultural Land Reform Office, 16 in settled communities, another 16 in national parks and 12 in forest reserves.


    In the northern five provinces, fires were burning in 15 places – four each in Chiang Rai and Chiang Mai, three in Tak, and two each in Lampang and Lamphun. 


    Most of these were also in forests and communities and on farmland.


    The agency said fire hotspots were declining in number, with 42 fires seen burning in Myanmar, 130 in Laos, 957 in Cambodia and just eight in Malaysia.





    -- © Copyright The Nation Thailand 2020-01-17
    17 January 2020
  • Govt urged to leverage technology in pollution fight

    Govt urged to leverage technology in pollution fight

    By The Nation




    In the age of digital technology with Thais owning an average of two mobile phones each, it is time for the government to leverage technology for public benefits, said Suchatvee Suwansawat, President of the Council of Engineers Thailand, on Thursday (January 16). 


    For instance, the government should develop an application to warn people of areas affected by the pm2.5 pollution and reminding them to wear face mask in those locations to lessen risks to health. 


    With no measures currently in place to deal with problem, identifying risk areas would be a good start, such as bus stops. There are 5,000 bus stops in Bangkok, of which 1,000 are air-pollution spots. State agencies should install fans to disperse dust and particles.


    Suchatvee described the measure of spraying water from high buildings as off point and ineffective. “Dust and particles will temporarily be caught by water but it will be blown back to the air when the moisture dry up,” he said. Construction sites, factories and traffics are the main sources of dust and particles, not the weather, he added.


    As a long-term measure to fix the problem, the government should offer tax deduction as an incentive for factories to reduce the emission of pollutants from their production sites. Like wise, old cars spewing black smoke should be subjected to a higher tax rate.


    The state should adopt Big Data for storage of all relevant information, analysis and risk management so as to inform the public in advance of actions to be taken in relation to the problem, such as the closure of schools in risk areas. The government ordered a temporary closure of all schools in Bangkok last year.


    "With the air-pollution problem intensifying, there should be a warning system for those most vulnerable, such as young children, the elderly, pregnant women, and patients with respiratory issues. Respiratory problems, lung disease, brain disease and cancer pose a threat to human resources which is vital to our future,” said the president.





    -- © Copyright The Nation Thailand 2020-01-17
    17 January 2020
  • Video: Yikes! Tour bus driver gets sucked in by his fan belt

    Video: Yikes! Tour bus driver gets sucked in by his fan belt



    Caption: Sucked in by a fan belt


    Video footage from a bus station in the early hours of Tuesday morning showed a tour bus driver attempting to repair a problem with his vehicle's engine. 


    In no time the driver is sucked into the engine compartment. Others rush to his assistance and apparently turn off the engine. 



    He was lucky to only have a slight head wound. 


    Daily News said that netizens commented in droves.


    Some warned about getting clothing snagged others said they had lost fingers.


    Some even suggested turning off the engine first might have been the correct course of action.


    Source: Daily News



    -- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2020-01-18
    18 January 2020
  • World Bank lists steps for stalled Thailand to become high-income nation

    World Bank lists steps for stalled Thailand to become high-income nation





    The Thai economy is projected to grow a modest 2.7 per cent this year thanks to recovering private consumption recovers and investment in large public infrastructure projects, the World Bank said in its “Thailand Economic Monitor” report released on Friday (January 17).


    It said Thai growth slowed to about 2.5 per cent in 2019 from 4.1 per cent in 2018 due to both external and domestic factors.


    Boosting productivity and reviving private investment will be essential if Thailand is to meet its goal of being a “high-income status” country by 2037, the report said.


    Global economic growth is forecast to edge up to 2.5 per cent this year as investment and trade gradually regain strength, but risks persist.


    These include a re-escalation of trade tensions and trade policy uncertainty, a sharper-than-expected downturn in major economies, and financial turmoil in emerging markets and developing economies.


    “A continued deceleration of economic activity in China, the euro area and the United States could have adverse repercussions across East Asia through weaker demand for exports and the disruptions of global value chains,” said Birgit Hansl, World Bank country manager for Thailand.


    “Financial investment, commodity and confidence channels could further weaken the global economy and adversely impact Thailand’s exports.”

    In 2019, declining exports and weakening domestic demand were the main factors slowing Thailand’s growth.


    Agricultural exports declined by 7 per cent in the first three quarters of 2019, led by sharp decreases in export volumes for major products such as rice and rubber.


    Manufacturing exports declined by 6 per cent in the same period, with electronics exports hardest hit. Thailand’s strong currency, which has appreciated by 8.9 per cent since last year – making the baht the strongest it has been in six years – has also impacted foreign tourism and merchandise exports.


    The government responded swiftly through accommodative monetary policies and a fiscal stimulus package to boost economic growth, the World Bank said.


    The report recommends that it next consider policies to enhance the effectiveness of the stimuli by focusing on major public investment projects, improving efficiency in public-investment management and providing social protection coverage for vulnerable families.


    The slowdown highlighted Thailand’s long-standing structural constraints with sluggish investment and low productivity growth.


    Thai productivity growth has fallen to 1.3 per cent over 2010-2016 from 3.6 per cent over 1999-2007.


    Private investment has halved, from 30 per cent of GDP in 1997 to 15 per cent in 2018, as foreign direct investments shrank and progress stalled on the Eastern Economic Corridor.


    The report projects that, if current trends continue, with no significant pickup in investment and productivity growth, Thailand’s average annual growth rate will remain below 3 per cent.


    To become a high-income country by 2037, it said, Thailand must sustain long-run growth rates above 5 per cent, which would require a productivity growth rate of 3 per cent and an increase in investment of to 40 per cent of GDP.


    “Boosting productivity will be a critical part of Thailand’s long-term structural reform,” said Kiatipong Ariyapruchya, World Bank senior economist for Thailand. “Increasing productivity, particularly of manufacturing firms, will depend on increasing competition and openness to foreign direct investments, and improving skills.”


    Sustaining higher productivity growth will require removing constraints that prevent new firms, especially foreign ones, and skilled professionals, from entering the domestic market.


    These constraints include restrictive laws, particularly in the services sector, implementing the new Competition Act with clear guidelines related to state-owned enterprises and price controls, and developing policies to build the skills and human capital needed for an innovative knowledge-based economy.





    -- © Copyright The Nation Thailand 2020-01-17
    17 January 2020
  • Thailand Live Saturday 18 Jan 2020

    Eminem criticised for lyric about bomb at Ariana Grande gig

    By Mark Savage



    The lyric appears on the star's 11th album, Music To Get Murdered By, which was released on Friday / GETTY IMAGES


    Eminem has been called "disgusting" and "pathetic" after rapping about the Manchester Arena bomb attack, which killed 22 people in 2017.


    Full Story:

    17 January 2020
  • Another Chinese patient with new coronavirus quarantined

    Another Chinese patient with new coronavirus quarantined

    By The Nation



    Dr Sukhum Karnchanapimai ( on the right )


    Another Chinese tourist to Thailand has been quarantined after it was confirmed that he carried the latest Wuhan coronavirus.


    On Friday (January 17),, permanent secretary of the Ministry of Public Health, revealed that a 74-year-old Chinese woman, who arrived in Thailand on January 13, was quarantined in Bamrasnaradu Infectious Disease Institute. She will be treated until she is fully cured and then allowed to return home.


    The authorities said the patient did not have any link with the previous case found in Thailand.


    Since January 3, 21 people have shown symptom of the virus -- 12 have already been sent home while two patients are being treated at Bamrasnaradu institute in a separate room.


    The condition of the first confirmed patient has improved a lot with no fever and he is awaiting medical confirmation of being free from the virus. The second patient is currently undergoing treatment and would be able to return home once the symptoms of the virus disappear.


    Of the people found to be in close contact with the infected persons -- 16 persons with the first patient and 20 with the second -- none were found with the new strains of the coronavirus. 


    There are no concerns yet of an outbreak in Thailand.





    -- © Copyright The Nation Thailand 2020-01-17
    17 January 2020