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  • Red Bull special protection
    From Manager, July 27, 2020 Left: Animal preservation under the law Right: Animal preservation above the law [Refers to the hit-and-run case of Red Bull heir Vorayuth Yoovidhya. This case has shaken faith in the ability of the country to … Continue reading
    12 August 2020
    Editorial Cartoons - Manager
  • Finally Hung by Hopewell
    From Thairath, July 25, 2020 Title: Will he survive? PM Prayuth: The government has massive debts. Whoever loves me, please help me. On the fire: Silly payment for a compensation for the Akara gold mine. On the pole: Silly payment … Continue reading
    10 August 2020
    Editorial Cartoons - Thairath - Sia
  • Those young bloods… please follow me
    From Naewna, July 24, 2020 Caption: Those young bloods… please follow me. Lyric from the horn: Insult… violate… hate the country [The cartoonist refers to allegations that Thanathorn and related politicians are using student protesters to call for the government … Continue reading
    9 August 2020
    Editorial Cartoons - Naewna
  • From Manager, July 24, 2020 Left, in thought bubble: 14 Oct On the placards: Revise the constitution; Dissolve the parliament Caption: The goal of the protesters Right, in thought bubble: 6 Oct Caption: The goal of those supporters [Refers to … Continue reading
    7 August 2020
  • Temper and the media
    From Thairath, July 20, 2020 Title: The symptom of the New Normal. Left: 2-3 days before at the newspaper office. On ID card: Media. On the sign at left: Mass Media Office Prayuth at Left: I come to listen to … Continue reading
    6 August 2020
  • The change in student protest
    From Manager, July 22, 2020 Title: The change in student protest Left, on the placards: Long Live the King Caption: 14 Oct Caption on the right: ….Now [The cartoonist notes the change in the younger generation–or at least the current … Continue reading
    5 August 2020
    Editorial Cartoons - Manager
  • The right time to buy a VIP plane
    From Thairath, July 22, 2020 Title: The budget that not so cute. Billboard: The VIP airplane. The price is 1,348.5 million baht. In cartoon balloon at left: You will survive, if you work hard. On people’s backs from left: Starve … Continue reading
    4 August 2020
    Editorial Cartoons - Thairath - Sia
  • Thanks Egyptians!
    From Manager, July 16, 2020 Sudarat: Thanks for helping us. We will handle the rest. Egyptian soldiers: Bye! Caption: With a help of Egyptian soldiers [Refers to the opposition party Pheu Thai led by Sudarat Keyuraphan who seized the opportunity … Continue reading
    3 August 2020
    Editorial Cartoons - Manager