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  • Which lady brought the party down?
    From Naewna, December 16, 2020 Women: Tuttu, please say clearly which Jae destroys the Phao Thai Party? Jatuporn: Ha… ha… it will be every Jae. On the sign: Phao Thai Party [“Tuttu” is Red Shirt leader Jaturporn. “Tu” is his … Continue reading
    14 January 2021
  • The thing that is broken is named the world
    From Arun, December 16, 2020 Title: Somdet Phra Nyanasamvara Caption: The thing that is broken is named the world. The thing that exists is named the dharma. [This is a quote of the former Supreme Patriarch of the Thailand, His … Continue reading
    12 January 2021
    Editorial Cartoons – Arun
  • More on the new logo
    From Naewna, December 11, 2020 People’s shouting: Long Live Communism. Caption: Really a democracy in this country. [Refers to the pro-democracy group Free Youth’s controversial new logo. Although the group cheekily said its new logo only came from the words … Continue reading
    8 January 2021
    Editorial Cartoons - Naewna
  • Support from the U.S. senate II
    From Manager, December 9, 2020 Uncle Sam: I-Guin! [this is a name referring to the person holding the sign, protest leader Penguin; “Guin” is his nickname and “I” is an impolite pronoun used with it to show anger or irritation] … Continue reading
    5 January 2021
    Editorial Cartoons - Manager
  • Support from the U.S. senate I
    From Thairath, December 8, 2020 Title: Like a hero coming to help. On the book held by Captain America: Resolution of the U.S. Senate On water splash: Dictatorship On shield: Democracy Protesters: Too gets out. [A slight play on the … Continue reading
    5 January 2021
    Editorial Cartoons - Thairath - Sia
  • Great Wall of Thailand
    From Thairath, December 15, 2020 Title: Amazing Thailand. The Thai Great Wall Phi Nooring: Only place in the world Mouse: Silly wall [Refers to the government creating barriers consisting of shipping containers to prevent anti-government protesters from approaching the Grand … Continue reading
    3 January 2021
    Editorial Cartoons - Thairath - Sia
  • Another tact that does not work
    From Manager December 14, 2020 Penguin: Oh!.. someone told us to hold these two… then, more people will join the mob. Caption: Fail again. [Refers to the controversial new logo of the Free Youth designed like to evoke the communist … Continue reading
    30 December 2020
    Editorial Cartoons - Manager
  • Uniforms are Abuse
    From Manager, December 3, 2020 Man: Madam Somporn, your son said… wearing a uniform is abuse… Caption: Which company has a uniform?… [Then] resign. [This cartoon refers to the call from the student-led protest to ban student uniforms and ridicules … Continue reading
    28 December 2020