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  • Bravery
    From Manager, October 6, 2020 Piyabutr: Hit it!… Tyrant King… Abuse the people!!! On the grave: Louis XVI 1793 Penguin: He does not dare to hit directly. [Refers to former Future Forward Party leader Piyabutr who has promoted lectures on … Continue reading
    21 October 2020
    Editorial Cartoons - Manager
  • Thugs
    From Naewna, October 6, 2020 Title: Prayuth’s dictatorship gets out. [This pro-government cartoon criticizes disbarred Future Forward Party MP Thanatorn for being a thug–likening him to a Nazi. Typically enemies of Thanatorn and his movement claim that he wishes an … Continue reading
    20 October 2020
    Editorial Cartoons - Naewna
  • A tool of cruel power
    From Thairath, October 3, 2020 Title: A tool of cruel power On the constitution held by PM Prayuth and Election Commission chief Ittiporn: My rules.. from the constitution’ 60. Whatever we do, there is nothing wrong. [meaning the former junta … Continue reading
    16 October 2020
    Editorial Cartoons - Thairath - Sia
  • Old whiskey in old bottle
    From Naewna, October 1, 2020 Title: Old whiskey in the old bottle. On the bottles: PT [Refers to Thaksin’s ex-wife Potjaman’s recent action in reorganizing the Pheu Thai (PT) Party to distance the party from protests which increasingly target the … Continue reading
    16 October 2020
    Editorial Cartoons - Naewna
  • Bringing up the old ghost of Thaksin
    From Thairath, October 1, 2020 Title: Invoke a ghost… causing the kids to be confused or seek assistance On the wall: Operation of the IO from people’s taxes Paper held by PM Prayuth: Extend the power [referring to the constitution … Continue reading
    14 October 2020
    Editorial Cartoons - Thairath - Sia
  • October 14, 1973
    October 14 is the anniversary of the 1973 democracy movement that overthrew the “Three Tyrants:” Thanom, Praphas, and Narong First stirrings of a passive population: …The salary of the Prime Minister at that time was Bt120,000 and the population was … Continue reading
    12 October 2020
    October, 1973
  • Painting the Pheu Thai yellow
    From Manager, September 30, 2020 Potjaman: This is my building… I can paint with any color… If you don’t like, then get out!! On the building: PT party Caption: The servants will not dare to fight. [The message of the … Continue reading
    10 October 2020
    Editorial Cartoons - Manager
  • Did you do it secretly?
    From Thairath, September 25, 2020 Title: So happy because we are the owner of the world’s luxury hotel On the island: Sri Panwa Phuket Paper held by Labor Minister Suchart: The Social Security Office holds 22.6% of the shares. On … Continue reading
    9 October 2020
    Editorial Cartoons - Thairath - Sia